Saturday, May 16, 2015

He Took On JBF, and Lived!

Matthew, from Bob Walk the Plank, is still alive!  If you missed it, he took part in an already legendary war with Jaybarkerfan's Junk earlier this spring.  The posts from the two uber-generous bloggers featured endless photos of vintage cards, parallels, serial numbered cards, relics, autos, and actual jerseys.  Simply put, it was EPIC.

Matthew put up a noble fight, but undoubtedly he is probably licking his wounds right now.  I heard that Wes is actually the great nephew of Sy Berger*, which obviously sheds some light on how JBF can dole out such large masses of cardboard goodness.

Speaking of cardboard goodness:
Yeah, buddy!  With these two parallels from 2004 Donruss I'm up to 392 unique Kerry Wood cards.  The Donruss Elite die cut is numbered 23/66 and the Diamond King is 83/100.  That's some high quality stuff right there!

There was some gold in the package from the sea turtle set.  I'm pretty sure Mike Olt got Wally Pipped by Kris Bryant.  I mean, seriously . . . I think Bryant's homer this past Tuesday punctured a hole in the ozone layer.
I read a bunch of Cubs blogs and my favorite are those which gift nicknames for the players. One of my more recent favorites is for David DeJesus.  The mini is numbered to 62 and features a nice grab in the ivy by Kim DeJesus' husband.

Lastly,  we have a stripey Mark Prior relic and a neat Generations card from the 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads set.
The back of the Generations card talks about the outfield trio and how they have amassed over a thousand home runs and nearly 3,300 RBI.  Not too shabby!

I must say, it's pretty cool to receive packages from some of the "big dogs" of our little blogopshere community.  Thanks for thinking of me, Matthew!  My next post will sport cards from quite possibly the biggest name in baseball card blogging.  Stay tuned!

(* = Yes, I totally just made that up. But it would certainly explain some things, wouldn't it?

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  1. I've been trying to nab some new stuff for you, but the Cubs are all the rage right now. You are stuck with Bartman era!