Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Trying to Keep the Streak Alive

First, a quick cut and paste job from yesterday . . .

Here's how things have played out so far:
The Cubs are 0-1 in playoff games in which I did not write a blog post beforehand, nor eat a jalapeno cheeseburger.
The Cubs are 3-0 in games in which I quickly typed up some drivel and also attempted to satiate my appetite with one of my favorite pleasure foods.

Never mess with a streak. (Careful, I don't know that these twenty-eight seconds are safe for work.)

So, yeah.  MLB is trying to mess with my streak.  The game starts early and it's on TBS, which means a few things:
1. I need to high tail it out of work and find a local watering hole to watch the game at, because I don't have TBS.
2. The aforementioned watering hole must have a jalapeno cheeseburger on their menu, which I probably won't have in front of me until after the game starts.
3.  I actually had to type this post yesterday because there's no way I could squeeze in a blog entry in the limited amount of time I have to find a TV.

I'm typing the post early and will eat the cheeseburger late. I hope the baseball gods who are in charge of the Streaks Department can forgive me for this one. 

The last two Cubs players I picked to be player of the game have each homered in their respective games. Heck, it felt like they homered on Monday.  Let's go with with Javy Baez and his protective oven mitt for Game 4 of the NLDS as my pick to click. 

Go Cubs, go!



  1. You need to honor all superstitions to beat the Cardinals. I fear you may have upset the baseball gods. You should have contacted me and I would research on your behalf for jalapeno burgers along with direct routes from your work. For all you know you may walk into the one Cardinals bar in Peoria that happens to serve really good jalapeno burgers.

    You are the Cubs only hope Tom.

  2. You can do it Tom. The free world is counting on you to put an end to #CardinalsDevilMagic once and for all.

  3. Congrats! And I believe this is the first time the Cubs have ever clinched a post-season series at Wrigley.

  4. You've rid the world of the devil spawn children/Cardinals fans. Since I grew up cheering for the Cubs as my NL team before the Brewers switch in 1997, I'm hoping the Cubs go the whole way and win it all.

    You probably should look into a Lipitor prescription though after you eat all those jalapeno burgers.

    1. Yeah. Lipitor. Huh, I had not considered he consequences of my superstitious actions until now. Oh well! You don't mess with a streak! Lipitor it is!

      Thanks for all of the support, everybody!

  5. Wow! Baez did great today. Nice forecast, Tom. Ralph & I really enjoyed watching the game, and I saw a lot of the Comcast Chicago post-game stuff too. A great day for Cubs fans, I'd say. Mom

  6. I am a superstitious person too. Your streak seems to be working for the Cubbies.