Saturday, October 10, 2015


I posted before the NL Wild Card game and the Cubs won.  I didn't make a post before Game 1 of the NLDS between Chicago and St. Louis and the Cubs lost.

Huh.  Coincidence?

So, here I am.  Typing something up quick right before I'm ready to jump into my car with three other Cubs fanatics to make the three hour trip down to Redbird Nation.

If you see four little blue dots, drowning in a sea of red, in the upper deck down the right field line, then you've spotted us!  Wish us and the Cubs luck!

My pick to click for the game:  Jorge Soler.
Jorge is the blue haired beauty in the red dress.

He hasn't had a play-off start yet, but I have a feeling he could have a critical at-bat late in the game.  So, why not?


  1. Well I hope your pick to click comes true- rooting for your team to come out of the NL this year!

  2. Resistance is futile, we all must succumb to Cardinals Devil Magic. They didn't sacrifice all those animals and people for nothing.