Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Getaway to Chi-Town

What a fun weekend!

Let me start by saying that I went willingly with another couple and my wife to swing dancing lessons Friday evening.  I am NOT a dancer.  Put me on a baseball field or a basketball court and I'm right at home.  But on a dance floor?  With upbeat music?  And my two left feet?  Yikes! 

I have to say though, it was fun!  A little stressful, slightly intimidating, and very much out of my element.  But, fun.

Saturday we took off for downtown Chicago.  Man, what a great city to just walk around.

We started off at Garfield Park Conservatory.  Free admittance?  Yes, please!  Below are some golden barrel cacti.   Nature is very beautiful, especially when found in tiny spots within a large metropolis.
Next, a trip down memory lane.  When I first started dating Laura in the summer of 2003, I would hang out in her apartment when she went to class/clinicals at UIC.  When I needed to eat, I would venture on my own down the street to Lulu's.  What a find that was!

We drove by her apartment in an attempt to reminisce, but my mind was on that jalapeno cheese burger from a decade ago.   It was only a block away!
 Wow, they still have a jalapeno burger and fry special!  Yes, I indulged.  Yes, it was awesome.  And yes, I want another right now.

Above is a picture of us in Millennium Park just in from of Cloud Gate (aka: the "Bean").

Although the burger was good, the highlights of the day were visiting Millennium Park and enjoying dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe with my beautiful wife.
While at Millennium Park we saw some college students dressed in costumes try to gather other people to do the Harlem Shake by Cloud Gate.  Weird.  Warning, watching this video will waste 31 seconds of your life.  For the record, this was a different version than the one we saw on Saturday.

What has youtube done to the internet?

On Sunday we walked from our hotel to Shedd Aquarium and spent the morning viewing the sea life on display.

Here's a couple of my favorites: Nemo and a saw-tooth shark!

Last but not least, the main reason for our trip: the musical production of The Book of Mormon.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the same guys who created South Park, were responsible for a Broadway musical?  Seriously?  Sign me up!

Down right hilarious, a little irreverent, but totally worth the price of admission.

What a great getaway weekend!


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