Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Mailbox Explodes Again

You'd think I'd pay better attention.  I mean, who wouldn't notice when their mailbox happens to get blown up?

Yeah, I'm not that observant sometimes.  Wes, from Jaybarkerfan's Junk, sent me a second plain white envelope bomb last week.  I didn't open it until yesterday, partly because I wasn't sure of its contents and partly because I was a little swamped time-wise.

Little did I realize that there were eight Cubs squeezed into one tiny penny sleeve just waiting to be  released!

Boom!  Here's the contents of the PWE bomb!

1992 Score - Mark Grace: nice picture of Grace making contact as he was so apt to do.  Glad he didn't make contact with anything when he received his latest DUI.  I hope you get the help you need, Mark.

2006 Fleer - Jacque Jones; and 1989 Score - Jerry Mumphrey.  I was too young to remember Mumphrey playing for the Cubs, but I was a Jones fan.  This card of Jones features him in the uniform of his previous team, something Photoshop would never allow these days.

2010 Topps - Carlos Marmol and the Cubs Franchise History card.  These are the only two duplicates in the PWE Bomb.  As far as popularity goes, Marmol's a victim of my own mind.  I'm not a fan of overpaid players. It's not his fault that he signed a contract extension a few years back, which assured him of $9.8 million this year.  But, last year he walked 7.3 batters per nine innings.  How is that acceptable?  I don't care how unhittable his slider used to be, but that type of performance isn't worth nearly eight figures in salary.  Sorry, rant over.

 I'm not quite sure I understand these 2009 Upper Deck Documentary cards.  I'm guessing there's one from every game of the 2008 Cubs' season?  This one just happens to feature Ryan Theriot and a 4-2 loss to the 'Stros.  If the Cubs ever win a World Series I wouldn't mind something similar from that year.

1987 Topps - Steve Trout: Ahhh, my favorite card from the envelope.  I love the '87 Topps design.  1988 was the year I was introduced to baseball cards, so I missed out on the wood grained borders, the rainbow-like "future stars", and being "Bipped" by Topps.  Perhaps this will be the next set from the past that I try to assemble?  If nothing else, it should be a cheap get!

Thanks for the surprise cards, Wes!  Payback for successfully blowing up my mailbox, again, will be on its way shortly!

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  1. The card of the Wrigley scoreboard is AWESOME! Mom