Monday, February 18, 2013

Awwwwww, for me?

Last Friday I had six jubilant freshmen basketballers approach me between class periods.  Normally when I see a group of them coming at me, I make like I'm going to try to avoid them by briskly scurrying to the nearest exit.  You ever try to hold a conversation with a half-dozen hyper teens?  It's very difficult to keep up!

Bad news:  they came through the only exit and there was no way I could circumnavigate them on my route to the door.

Good news:  they came bearing a gift basket!

It's been a good long while since I was given a thank you present for coaching.  It's not something I come to expect, but it is nice to know you're appreciated as a coach.

Inside the popcorn bucket were six boxes of candy, gift cards to two restaurants, and a gift card to a movie theater.  That's not even the best part!  All of the sides of the container had team photos taped to them, and there were a dozen more pictures of the team and I underneath the boxes of candy: action shots, teams photos, and pictures of us in huddles during time outs.  I never really have a chance to take pictures during the season (too busy coaching), so I couldn't have been more happy to have some snapshots for myself!

The gift cards and candy won't last long, but I've already found a few safe places for the photos.  Good times and great memories!  Thanks girls! 

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