Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trade with the Toddfather

Late last month I worked out a trade with Tim, who authors Home of the Toddfather.  We're both working on the 2012 Panini Triple Play set.  I sent over a couple of cards on his want list and decently sized stack of Triple Play needs.
 Tim sent back a, wait, what is that?
 A cocoon?

Wow.  I know it's early, but if I had to give an award for "Blogger who most safely packages cards in trades" it would be given to Home of the Toddfather.  What a great name for a blog!  (By the way, Tim's a Todd Helton fan.)

Here's the package minus the bubble wrap.

Heck yeah!  Some Ryne Sandberg love!  Below is the card released from the captivity of plastic encasements: a 1997 Score, All Score Team.  A new Ryno for my collection.  And yes, I'm still working on a checklist of the cards I have.  Patience, folks!

How about a purple parallel of Matt Szczur from the 2012 Bowman set? 
Between Szczur and Samardzija, I think the Cubs have cornered the market on hard to spell last names that begin with S.
Tim included a handful of Triple Play that I needed. Ironically, this card is from the FOCUS subset, and alas, it is not in focus.
Here's one of the stickers that I needed.  Nice! 

Last, but not least, a Kosuke Fukudome game used jersey card.  I have fifty-six Fukudome cards in my personal collection, but this is my first relic.  I was really excited to get this one!

If you have the time, check out the Home of the Toddfather.   Thanks for the great trade, Tim!

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