Friday, April 6, 2018

Not Edible, but Just As Delicious

A forthcoming post will spotlight six beers sent from Matt, captain of Bob Walk The Plank, in a glorious trade package. I can't wait to crack them open one-by-one and enjoy the flavors while watching a game.

Today we'll take a gander at the cardboard side of the trade. This part of the trade is not safe for consumption, but they are just as tasty . . . at least as far as baseball cards go!

 I miss Jake Arrieta. Man, was he a fierce competitor!
 This card is from Panini's 2017 Diamond Kings set, is number 12/15 and sports a three color jersey swatch. Quite impressive! My eyes always gravitate toward the multi-colored patches.
This Ian Happ card is from the same set, but it looks like Happ is wearing pajamas.  Actually, is that really Ian Happ? I can't see his eyes and there are no other identifying marks on his uniform.  Man, somebody give Panini a license for logos!

This one is from Panini's 2016 Donruss Jersey Kings insert. Nice card design.
 Did you see Baez go from first to home the other day on Jon Lester's grounder up the middle?
Warning: do not watch if you are a fan of the Brewers.  Also, watch the third base coach give him the stop sign.  I guess the stop sign was merely a suggestion.
Javier Baez is in select company of those who are special MLB talents. Mike Trout, for my money, is the best all-around talent. Judge and Stanton top the list for power. Billy Hamilton for speed. Chapman for fastball. Altuve for hit tool. You get the idea.

Baez... I'd say his instincts and baseball IQ are really top notch. Tags of runners, slides into bases, acrobatic defensive plays, and base running instincts are all things that make him really fun to watch.

Last card, and for this we go back to 2017 Diamonds Kings:
The last major release for Kerry Wood, that I'm aware of is from 2013. This is a sweet card with lots of Kid K mojo!  Sketches & Swatches is an excellent concept and I love the alliteration. The pin stripe is gorgeous, but it's not to be outdone by Kerry's signature. Did I mention this card is serial numbered?  Oh yeah, it's 08/20. Boom!  What a card!

Thanks for the fantastic beer and card trade, Matt! One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to enjoy a beer, flip through my card collection, and watch a Cubs game. You've given me lots of material to work with.  Thanks again!


  1. That BWTP guy sure does know how to leave a mark on one's collection.

  2. Cool card of Yankees legend Kerry Wood!

    I like the relic design of the 2017 Diamond Kings.

  3. Matt sure hooked you up with some solid cardboard. I really like the look of that Sketches and Swatches cards.

  4. The Jake card is really nice. I agree about Baez. Exciting to watch and a guy who genuinely loves the game.