Sunday, April 8, 2018

Help Me, Help You

I've collated the cards from The Collection by year and set. I then went through and filled any gaps in my collection that I could.

Now I'm ready to sort into teams for future trade packages and trade bait.

As I go through I plan on pulling cards for the special little side projects/collections of my blogging brethren.
What can I set aside for you?  I have around 8,000 baseball cards that I'm going to flip through. I've already got stacks started for the following individuals:

Julie - Catchers wearing the tools of ignorance
JediJeff - Double Dips, Throwback Uniforms, Bunting cards
Matt (Once a Cub) - Cards with Ivy

Speak now!


  1. I could (no joke) use some of the Donruss junk wax SF Giants and STL Cardinals. But if you want to send them to other people I totally understand.

  2. so cool! thanks! I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Well if u have any of my set needs for the 90s. Any Football cards I would take those if u r getting rid of those.

    Ken griffey jr I don't have lol.

  4. I can use anybody currently in the Independent Atlantic League send me an email and I can reply with a list of names that includes guys like Luke Scott Aaron Laffey Jose Tabata any many obscure names.... email is soskinfamily at yahoo dot com

  5. You know I love Angels, checklists, and sweepstakes cards! Thanks!