Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Red Cards for Gold and Blue

Matt, from Red Cardboard, recently unveiled a post asking for unbalanced trades. Heck, I like to trade, no matter what I'm getting in return.  So, I sent off a quick e-mail.

I sent him some unwanted Reds cardboard from my collection, which I hope found a spot in his collection.

Here's what I received:
 That's right, I'm still working on that 2017 Topps Fire set. I'm down two last base cards.  Anybody want to help?  Here's a link to my updated want list for the set.

Here's the gold portion of the trade package:
 Oooooh!  A shiny Fergie in the middle of a golden vortex!

Now, on to the blue within the trade package: one of the many Cubs World Series themed cards from Topps Update that I'm in search of.
I need about four more copies of this card for certain binders... the World Series binder and Rizzo player collection binder to name a couple.

Thanks for the quick and easy trade, Matt!