Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Football Trip to NIU and Penquins!

The high school I teach at saw its football team play in the 5A state championship game at Northern Illinois University this past Saturday. It was a fun season, especially for a football program which had never advanced past the second round of the playoffs in its history. 
Dunlap entering the field by ripping through the cheerleaders' sign. 
I have had the cushy job of manning the iPad the past few seasons to record live footage. My footage is then sent wirelessly to three other iPads so coaches and players may look at game film much the way NFL teams due on the sideline. It's a fairly easy job, and any student could do it, but I think the head coach likes having a dependable and responsible co-worker on the job. 
2 hour drive, but the fans travel well!
The played Chicago Phillips High School, out of the Chicago Public League where students transfer schools as frequently as the wind changes direction. I was told that nine of Phillips' starters transferred in this school year. Yeah... that'll give a boost to your program in a heart beat!

Our team was the underdog going in and our quarterback was lost to a shoulder injury during the first offensive series of the game. We lost 33-7, but our team showed heart in the second half and took home the second place trophy back to Dunlap with pride. A 13-1 record is definitely something to be proud of! It was really an amazing season. I've seen first hand how hard the coaches and players work and I'm very proud to play a small part in their memorable season. 

The above pictures were taken from my spot atop the NIU press box. Yep, up high, outside, in the wind, on a 40 degree day. I wore layers and stood in the sun, so it actually wasn't too bad. The video guy for Chicago Phillips was fun to talk to as well, so time flew by even though the game was a 21 point spread fairly early on. 
During halftime I found my way back inside the press box and enjoyed the free food!  Coffee on a cold day? Yes, please!

Later that even, once back in P-town, my wife and I restored our inflatable penguins to their rightful place in the front yard. We lost our big ash tree this spring and now the penguins are on center stage!

We don't do much for holiday decorations, but we do love our penguins!

That's it for today's post. I hope you enjoyed something non-cardboard related for a change.  More cards of the Vogelmonster tomorrow!


  1. Looks like one of your penguins is a Cubs fan - that blue and red Santa hat looks suspiciously Cub-centric!

  2. Gotta be proud for the teams best season.

    Nice to see a non card post once in awhile

  3. We don't get higher than 3A in our state. Congrats on a wonderful season. Always nice to see schools that haven't had much success get a taste of winning.

  4. Always nice to here of some hard work and ending in achievement! Congrats on a great season.

  5. Glad you didn't freeze to death. You're not a penguin. Which are cute. Did you lose your tree to the EABs?

    1. Yep... we treated the tree with a green liquid each year, but ultimately it died like all the rest in our subdivision. We're trying to decide what to plant in its place in the fall.