Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Card Karma with Heritage High Numbers

I've been busy.  Busy doing good things. 

I built a little cat house for Hugo and Holiday.
Hugo knocking out another nap time.
 Part of my weekend was used to help my dad pour a new concrete patio around his workshop, thus picture of the concrete mixer above.

The other portion of my weekend was spent burying clay bricks on the pitcher's mound of the high school field so my pitcher's would have better footing during the spring baseball season.

My next door neighbors recently brought home a new kitten, so I crafted them a cat tree.  Hugo had to test it out before I could deliver it to them.  Yes, I've been busy.

Last night I was cruising eBay for Cubs cards.  You know, nothing major, just window shopping.  Then I saw Topps had released its Heritage High Numbers set.  And there it was . . . a David Ross card in a Cubs uniform!  I went to bed dreaming of owning my very own personal David Ross Cubs card!

Simple pleasures, folks.  Simple pleasures.

Maybe you remember my dilemma about sending Ross a TTM with some really sweet custom cards?  Well, I decided I would wait and try my chance at the Cubs Convention this winter with the customs. But now there's a mass produced card available and I'm all about adding a few to my collection with one specifically earmarked for a TTM for spring training.

After work today, with some loose change in my pocket, I headed off to my LCS to pick up a Ross card.

The owner was on vacation, and his art loving daughter was "running" the shop instead.  She didn't know where any of the singles were. Let's be honest here: she knew how to ring up the cash register and that was about it. Bummer.  I came home with a pack of cards instead.
If memory serves, there are 225 cards in the High Numbers set and packs contain 9 cards.  Yes, I'm a math teacher.  And yes, I know those aren't great odds of pulling the card I so deeply coveted. 

But, I had been building up good karma!  Undoubtedly, my odds must of increased from the actual 4% to something closer to 100%.  Right?  I mean how could they not?  For crying out loud, I spent three hours building a cat tree for my neighbors!

Let's rip in and see . . .
I'm a fan of Brandon Morrow and his electric stuff, but he's no David Ross.  Jacob Lindgren?  Um, he's Yankee rookie so maybe Zippy Zappy wants this one?

Gordon Beckham is back with the White Sox?  I didn't know that.  ZMac!  McAllister is a local product trying to find his niche in the major leagues.  Awesome addition for my collection!

The Jung Ho Kang is a short print, but it's long for my collection and it'll probably end up in West Virginia before Halloween.  Kelly Johnson is posing in the stands for a picture?  Weird. Just. Plain. Weird. 

 Evan Scribner and Dan Uggla?  Meh and double Meh.  Is there anyone out there who will take my A's and/or Nats cards off my hands?  Please! (No, seriously. Speak up and they are yours!)

Wait, I skipped a card.  This one was card number five in the pack, right before the Pirate rookie.
Woot!  Old Gray Beard, himself!

Yes, I cashed in all of my good karma that I had been building up for a David Ross card.
And I couldn't be happier.

As always, thanks for stopping by and celebrating the happy moments in life with me.


  1. Well, I actually just posted today about my buying a pack of Heritage High Number in hopes of landing a Ross. I am mildly jealous of your success. But, at least now I know what the card looks like!

  2. Love David Ross, he's one funny dude. For some reason the Braves seem to take alot of spring shots in the stands I can think of a few other similar shots just off the top of my head.

    Is Spring a good time to send TTMs I have yet to try it out but have been itching to do so probably going to start with Bobby Doerr as i've heard he's almost automatic and is only getting older sadly.

    1. I'm not sure when the best time for TTMs is, but I know a bunch of bloggers who like to send them out earlier in the baseball season.
      Good luck with landing Bobby Doerr's. I hear he is a great TTMer.

  3. "Jacob Lindgren? Um, he's Yankee rookie so maybe Zippy Zappy wants this one?"

    Yes please.

    Congrats on landing a Ross. Hopefully there's enough karma left in the tank for you to successfully get it signed. And if not, you'll only have to do more degrading grunt work to build it back up again!

  4. KANG!!!! Awesome. I have had no luck getting his cards so far. I'm hoping this offseason will give me a chance to get a few.

    Congrats on the Ross. He is a maniac. He had me rolling at the game I went to a couple weeks back. He has the mouth of a sailor, but it was in good fun.