Saturday, March 21, 2015

Need Help Completing a Post Set?


Zimmer's backside.  Hehe.
I stopped by my LCS after work yesterday evening, because I needed a little cheering up.  My wife has been in Hawaii for the last five days to attend her cousin's wedding and she had just sent me a photo of her eating shaved ice on the North Shore.  Hawaii? Vacation?  Shaved Ice?  I'm stuck here in P-town.  Boooo!

Some people eat when they're depressed, I buy cardboard.  Whatever.

I planned to just pick up a couple packs of Opening Day, which came out earlier this week, but the owner had some new vintage to show off.  What caught my eye first was a complete set of 1952 Bowman, including the Mantle.  Wow.

I moved down the row of glass cases and found something in my price range.  1961 and 1962 cards from Post cereal boxes!  I picked up some to throw into trade packages, but maybe there's someone out there looking to complete a set?  Most of the cards are in the one to three dollar range and are in decent condition.  There are some pricier stars as well: including but not limited to Banks, Mantle, and Mays.  I'd be happy to check for players or certain numbers from the two sets if you have interest.  Just let me know!

While I was there I also picked up a card of Manny Ramirez in a Cubs' uniform, albeit the Iowa Cubs. I've always been a fanny of Manny, even when he was being Manny.
 As much as I don't like the design of the new Donruss set, you can't argue with the checklist. I pulled an Ernie and four other cards that have already found homes in future trade packages.

Lastly, please allow me to cram in an Ebay purchase into this post.  I love shiny and I LOVE Cubs prospects.
I found a lot of six red ice Bowman prospects (all numbered to 150) for three bucks.  Eloy Jimenez, who is compared to Jorge Soler, was the main get for me.  There was a Cardinal in the lot which I can easily flip at my LCS, plus some other guy that made this lot a definite buy.  Who might that be?  I know of one guy who can probably recognize the card behind Eloy even though all that is visible is a catcher's mask.    Let's just say I'll use it as return fire if I'm zapped in the near future.


  1. I like the new Donruss, depending on the team colors. The Cubbies look sharp, with Banks and Sandberg added to my collection. And cardboard over food any time I'm depressed. Nice pick ups!

  2. Oh my gosh, putting together the Post sets is a long-term dream of mine. I do have some specific wants from those sets, let me take a look at the checklists and see.

  3. I'm not in Hawaii and I don't have a card shop, so when I get depressed I leave want lists on other people's blogs:

    1961 Post: 156 (Larker), 157 (Neal), 158 (Gilliam), 160 (Drysdale), 162 (Williams), 163 (Roach), 165 (Davis), 168 (Hodges)

    1962 Post: 101 (Hodges), 103 (Spencer), 104 (Wills), 107 (Roseboro), 110 (Drysdale), 111 (Sherry), 113 (Larker), 114 (Snider)