Sunday, March 8, 2015

My First 2015 Pack

I received my first card of the new collecting season, from a Listia seller, a little over a week ago.  I wasn't feeling the Flagship, but I thought I could hold on purchasing an 2015 product until Opening Day hit the shelves on the 18th of this month.  Wrong.

I should have waited like I originally had planned, and here's why . . .

Yep, the first card I see when I rip open my very first pack in 2015 is a Cardinal.  Bleck.  Of all the luck.

If you're in the camp that doesn't consider the back of the pack to be the first card, then here's a shot of Michael Cuddyer, in a photo-shopped uniform, trying to stare into your soul.

Things did get a little better though. 

Brandon Finnegan's story was pretty cool last year.  College World Series to MLB World Series.  That's pretty tough to beat.

Johnny Cueto had a nice season in 2014 and earned a second place finish in the Cy Young voting.  He pitches in the NL Central and I'm fine with it as long as he continues to get roughed up by the Cubs, who hung two losses on him last year.

Alex Wood?  Meh.  Adam Eaton?  I hope he continues to blossom after a nice 2014 atop the Pale Hose lineup. 
I think the Diamondbacks are going rue the day they traded him to the Sox.

I was lucky enough to get an SP, which I believe can be found in every third pack.
 Adrian Beltre is my favorite Ranger, but he only beats Elvis Andrus out by a hair.  Put the two together and it's fun to watch!

 We close out the pack with another photo-shopped special, but this time it's a Cub!  Tommy La Stella came over from the Braves for Arodys Vizcaino, who has already been traded three times before his 25th birthday.  Wow.

Don't get me wrong, I like Javy Baez, but I feel La Stella at second base is a better fit for the lineup.  He controls the strike zone as a hitter, and the Cubs' lineup already has plenty of swing and miss in it. La Stella could offer steady defense and an above average OBP.  It's nice to have some big bats (Rizzo, Soler, Bryant & Castro), but you still need guys on base for those bats!

The La Stella stays in the collection, but the rest of the cards (including the Wacha) are up for grabs. Leave a comment and you'll have a PWE in your mailbox within a few days.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Photoshop makes me miss the airbrush days gone by... I actually think it's the Beltre which can be pulled every third pack. I bought hobby today and a friend picked up retail. We both pulled his sp. I've set aside a few Heritage Cubbies for you along with a good-sized stack hitting the mail in the next couple of weeks.

    1. Thanks, Julie! I'll try to set aside some Tigers for you!

  2. I agree with you about Adam Eaton. After the trade it came out that he caused some problems in the locker room, but I can't see it. What, he worked too hard? Hustled too much? Had too much fun playing baseball and it rubbed some other players the wrong way? I miss him.

  3. Hit me up with that Wacha and I'll get some of these Cubs I have out of here.