Thursday, May 3, 2018

Great Things In Small Packages

A couple of powerful PWEs came in the last few days.

The first one comes from the legendary Mark Hoyle. I don't think Mark has a blog, but he is known for dabbling in vintage and overwhelming the recipients of his trade packages. Until now, I didn't have a return address. Bwhahaha! No worries Mark. I'm not going to spam you with 1990 Donruss... you know... unless you're into that sort of thing.
 A D-Lee from the The National?  Sign me up! I love these kind of promo things.  The date is from 2006, so I'm going to go with that. Stellar start!

How about this one:
 Frank Chance, of Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance fame, on a card that is nearly paper thin. How thin?  Take a look at the back and you'll see the oval which frames Chance on the front.
The back is full of numbers, but not the type of numbers one would expect from a baseball card. Motorola released an 11-card set in 1976 and nearly all of the players are members of the Hall of Fame. From what I can tell each card features a different product of Motorola's. You can find more on this set here. One of the quotes from the link said this was "a card set for an engineer."

Mark, I'm taken aback. What a great surprise!  Thank you very much!  I'll be sure to hit you up with some cardboard in return.

The other PWE was another two-carder from Greg, the author The Collective Mind.  I know Greg as a true set builder and I'll have find a couple of couple items to cross off his want list.

He certainly crossed off two from mine.
These are two of the three Kris Bryant highlight cards from 2018 Topps that I've had my eye on. The third didn't make my Top Five Most Wanted Cards, because I didn't have room for it at the time. It's there now, LOL!
 These two cards are going straight to the World Series binder where they belong. The one on the left is my favorite.  I love that shot of Kris with arms up celebrating after Rizzo catches his throw for the last out.  Greg certainly knows how to brighten up things in P-town for this humble little blogger.

Again, great stuff in small packages.

Thanks, Mark and Greg for your generosity. You've both made it to my "Must Send Return Cards" list on my CPU desktop. The list is getting longer and I can't wait to make some headway on it once the school year comes to a close.

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!


  1. The Derrek Lee is a great looking card. And I've got to get some of those KB highlights cards. I'm waay behind on new stuff.

  2. I think one of those bryant is in a pwe I have ready to mail to you when I get stamps. Ooops he heat me to it

  3. Aw shoot! There were three of them?

  4. Dang. Wish my dad had seen that Motorola set back in the day. Might have inspired him to collect cards.

  5. Good stuff. I should try to score some of those Motorola cards sometime.. my grampa and uncle used to work there back in the day.

  6. Mr. Hoyle sent me one of those National sets recently, Lee included. I really like the look of them, and I'm pretty sure I was at that particular card show in '06, which makes it even better.

  7. It's about time Topps made an easily obtainable card of Bryant from the exact moment the Cubs won the World Series. Spectacular card!