Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cards for the Taking

This post has been in the works for quite some time. I have been sorting and collating and shuffling cards around my man room for the better part of this calendar year and I've finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.
I have about 9,000 cards within two 5,000-count monster boxes that need to find a new home. That's right, the 9,000 cards are sorted by team and ready to go. For what it's worth, the majority of these cards are from 1988 to 1992, but there's some early 80s stuff and some other randomness included. Consider the years and realize there's not a lot for the Dbacks, Rays, Rocks or Marlins, but what I do have for those teams is fair game.

I'm not against mailing them all to, but I'd rather send them to my blogging buddies. I have not been a part of the "Super Traders" group for more than a year and I don't want to sour a good relationship with someone if they aren't interested in 200-400 cards from their favorite team dropping unexpectedly on their doorstep. So, I won't be mailing these out blindly like I have in past.
All you need to do is drop me a line at mrcoach00atyahoodotcom and claim some cards that will fit into your collection. Please, include your address so I know I'm shipping to the correct place. I'm prepared to pay all shipping costs and have already obtained a number of 200, 300 & 400-count boxes from BCW supplies to help in the packaging process. Feel free to make a comment so others know what you're interested in.

If you're interested in helping with shipping... Tough.  I'm paying it.  I don't want to mess around with who has and who hasn't paid. It's just easier for me this way considering how time poor I am right now with classroom and coaching duties.

If you want to send something back... well, I won't argue with you there. I've just updated the want lists for the sets I'm currently working on. Check out this page here for my needs from 1979 Topps, 1980 Topps, 1990 Donruss, 1990 Topps, 1991-1995 Conlon, 1991 Studio, 1992 Pinnacle, 1992 Score, 1992 Ultra & 2013 Panini Baseball Champions. Additionally, you may also send Cubs if you like.

But again, I'm not asking that you send anything back. Honestly, I'll be pleased as punch to just get some space back.

I've already started piles of catchers for Julie and Ivy cards for Matt (Once a Cub). I'll give them first claim to the Tigers and Cubs if they're interested. Zippy Zappy has asked for some Cardinals and Giants, but there is plenty to go around of those teams if someone else is interested. Matt (SCC) has a pile of non-baseball ready for him. Maybe he'll want something else?  John (Johnny's Trading Spot) has some 1999 Fleer Tradition ear-marked for him, but perhaps I can talk him into a stack of Braves?

Who else can I send some cards to?

UPDATE (5/20/18 @ 6:30pm CST)
Angels/Checklists/Sweepstakes Cards = Tom T.*
Astros = Bru^
Athletics = Fuji^
Blue Jays = Al K. in Canada*
Braves & Set Help = John Miller^
Brewers = Andrew L.*
Cardinals = Zippy Zappy
Catchers in Gear = Julie^
Cubs = Trevor P.
Diamondbacks = It's Like Having My Own Card Shop^
Dodgers =
Giants = Zippy Zappy
Indians = Adam S.*
Indy Racing League card = Tony Burbs^
Ivy Cards = Once a Cub^
Kruk & Strawberry = Peter S.*
Mariners =
Marlins =
Mets = Brett Alan^
Non-Baseball = Matt (SCC)
Nats/Expo = CaptKirk42*
Orioles = CaptKirk42*
Padres =
Phillies =
Pirates =
Rangers =
Rays =
Reds = Adam S.*
Red Sox = Chris^
Rockies =
Royals =
Set Help = $30 a Week Habit^
Tigers = Scribbled Ink^
Tim Wallach = The Wallach Guy*
Twins =
White Sox = JediJeff
Yankees = Matt (SCC)

* = Shipped in first wave on 5/17/18.
^ = Shipped in second wave on 5/20/18.


  1. I'd be happy to take some Mets off your hands! Not sure how much I have to send in return, but I did rip a box of 91 Studio, and with its truly terrible collation, I'm sure I can find some cards you need there. Email to follow. Thanks!

    1. Mets are still available until I can get an e-mail with mailing address from Brett. First come, first serve. Trying to get these cards out of here.

    2. You should have an email from me now.

    3. Still nothing. Checked the spam folder and nothing there either. Those are zeros after the "mrcoach" in my e-mail address. Maybe that helps? If that's not it. Then please try the contact form on the right side of the blog and send your addy that way. Thanks!

  2. Wow cool deal. Not sure what I have in return. My 80s to 90s teams are Expos and O's.

    1. Expos, O's and Nats. Check, Check, and Check.

  3. I would take whatever Cubs aren't claimed by Matt. I'll see what I might be able to send in return.

  4. If you have anything pre-1978 in there I'll take it. Would love to do a trade with you anyway as I should be able to do some damage to those junk-wax wantlists! Can't believe someone needs '90 Topps!

    1. Sorry... nothing pre-1978 that I want to deal away. Thanks for asking though.

  5. Angels please. And if you have extra checklists or sweepstakes cards I'd love those as well. Thank you! I'll email my address shortly.

    1. Angels, checklists and sweepstakes cards. They are all yours.

  6. Are there any 1990 Leaf cards in your box? Or 1988 Panini stickers? I might need a few Red Sox from the years you mentioned (likely Score or UD only) as well.

  7. If Julie passes on Tigers for some crazy reason, let me know.

    1. Haven't heard from Julie... Tigers are coming your way!

    2. Cool, thanks! I'll have return fire ready for you. I'll also pass along whatever I don't need to Julie whether she wants it or not.

  8. You're a great guy. I could have done this a few years ago, but I was way too lazy and cheap (to pay postage). I took them to the flea market and sold them for $5/box.

  9. Replies
    1. Little to no cards in that time frame... and what I do have has already been sorted into teams or claimed. Sorry.
      There's a few Griffeys, but more of Sr. than Jr.

  10. Okay, I would like to go with the Mariners in my search for Ichiro and area 51. Thank you!

    1. I'll send the Mariners your way, but the years that I mentioned in the original post don't fit with Ichiro's career.

  11. I was coming here to get the Sox. WHO THE HELL IS THAT JEDIJEFF GUY??!?!?!?

    I bet he's a jerk.

    1. I've got a stack of White Sox dupes. Hope you're okay with the leftovers! LOL

  12. Any chance you may have any more Indians cards? I see they were claimed but thought I would ask.

    1. I've had trouble passing off my Indians in the past and was happy Adam was willing to take them. I think he's mostly a Reds guy, so I would have saved them for you if I would have known. Sorry.

  13. I will take the Yankees in hopes I don't have most :)

  14. I'll take you up on the Dodgers cards. Email on the way...