Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moving in the Wrong Direction

Much like Wrigley Wax, I enjoy following particular high end cards on Ebay hoping they will someday reach the price point at which I can finally pull the trigger and not experience buyer's remorse. I had been following a Dan Vogelbach superfractor, which started out at $250 and made it's way down to $100 before mysteriously vanishing from Ebay. I promised myself I would strike if it ever made it down to $75 and I'm still thinking about contacting the seller and trying to workout a deal.

The only other Vogelbach superfractor has been on Ebay for over 6 months and the price has barely moved in that time.

I like to keep little notes on the prices as they change to make myself a more educated buyer, which you can in the picture above.

The auction expired earlier his week and I was hoping to see another drop in price. Maybe down to $349? Instead I came away quite bewildered. Check it out:

Huh. A card hasn't sold in half a year so let's go ahead and raise the price higher than I've seen it. Obviously, there's something else going on with the seller that I'm not aware of, and I'm not one to judge (usually), but his doesn't make any sense. The price is moving in the wrong direction!  <grumble-grumble>

Any superfractor I acquire would be the very first in my collection, but I don't want my first to be of just any player. It must be of The VOGELMONSTER! I'm now more tempted than ever to go back to the other seller and see if they still have their Vogelbach superfractor and find out what price it would take to pry it lose from them. I don't like to haggle, but this may be a time where I have to put on my big boy pants and do what has to be done.

To make myself feel a little better I did pick up another Vogelbach card to add to my collection.

This one is the 122nd different card in the player collection, it's an "artist's proof" numbered to 49, and I picked it up for eight bucks shipped. Not the best price, but it is a buck cheaper than what it's selling for on COMC and I didn't have to wait until the free shipping promotion on Black Friday.

Finding unique Vogelbach cards is becoming more and more challenging, but I think that's part of the fun.

Hey, do me favor. If you're sitting on a Vogelbach superfractor, or know someone who is, would you give me a shout?  πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!


  1. Maybe the seller is hoping with the high price to get an offer near what he had it listed at prior rather then lowering it and getting offers even lower then that? but it doesn't look like it should be at that price because of it being Dan, He maybe comparing to Trout Harper etc? so thinks it is worth more then it is in reality!

  2. The owner has the right to ask whatever price he wants... but we have the right to laugh at his asking price as well. I'd throw out your $75 offer. Who knows, maybe he'll accept. The worst thing he could do is say "no".

  3. I would definitely make the offer. You never know.