Saturday, May 18, 2013

Waffle Taco: You fly, I'll buy!

One of my teammates on my slow-pitch softball team was talking about an advertisement he saw for the waffle taco at Taco Bell.  Shortly thereafter I was disappointed to learn the waffle taco is not a nationwide item on Taco Bell's menu, because they are testing out in select locations on the west coast first.

Enter my sister.  Oddly enough, she was going to San Diego the next day for a little R&R.

I love trying new food items and I wanted a waffle taco in the worst way.

"You fly, I'll buy!"

A couple of days ago Jane, my sister, spammed my e-mail box with nine different pictures of her Taco Bell dining experience, which included the waffle taco.
She originally said she wasn't looking forward to the culinary experience, but after trying the waffle taco she came away surprisingly pleased with her predestined menu selection.

Well, Jane flew, so I guess I have to pick up the tab.  Totally worth it.
Price of a waffle taco: $0.89.  Living vicariously through my sister: priceless!

Thanks, Jane!

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