Monday, September 14, 2020

I Needed That Filler Card

Most of the Vogelbach cards in my collection have come through Ebay or Sportlots purchases. Most of the time I don't write a blog post about them unless something really strikes me.  

When opening today's mail this beauty dropped out. 

I think this will be my last go around of chasing all of Vogelbach's parallels and I'll stick just to the base cards, relics and autos next year. I don't mind the chase, but card companies are getting out of control with the parallels... I'm looking at you Panini Prizm and Topps Chrome, which includes the new Ben Baller Chrome set.

I believe this is the first 2020 Archives Vogelbach card I have shown on the blog, so let me take a second to address the reason why he is squinting in the photo. Obviously, he is checking to see if can still see the ball he jettisoned into the stratosphere just minutes earlier while taking batting practice. For the record, this is the only viable argument I will accept. 

Bordering the green foil board card, seen above, was a rookie card of Justin Dunn. I jumped off the Mariners' bandwagon when Vogelbach reached for his passport to Toronto, but I know enough about Dunn to realize he has the potential to be a serviceable middle of the rotation type. It'll go into my trade box for the time being. 

There was another card. 

I needed it. 

Actually, I needed it for a player collection.

More importantly, I needed it for my VOGELMONSTER collection!

Do you how glorious a free base card can be? Oh, so glorious!

I love when sellers throw in freebies to "protect" the other cards. I was watching a Phil's Pulls video on YouTube the other day and he says he saves packs of regular Bowman from retail Mega Boxes to use as protection in card shipments. Must be nice!

2020 Stadium Club Auto Update: Oh. My. Goodness. A package from Julie arrived today. I didn't open it. I'm going to save it for an evening after a particularly rough day at work. I'm a teacher... during a pandemic... working at a school which is offering both in-person and remote options to students... which I try to execute during the same scheduled class period. My head spins like an owl's on a regular basis. What I'm getting at is I'll surely crack into Julie's package within the next couple of days. I know, I know. I'm such a tease. 

Have a great evening! 


  1. Can't imagine balancing in-person and distance learning instruction at the same time. The whole distance learning thing is crazy by itself. Kudos to you bro. Hopefully by the time we start doing that out here in SJ, you're the master... so I can bug you for advice ;D

  2. The Green Monster! It's a beauty too! Ooooo! I can't wait to see what I sent. ;) My respect for teachers was already huge but covid-classrooming? Homeroom heroes.

  3. Nice! I don't use Ebay much, but I've yet to get a freebie with any of my orders.

  4. That's sweet. Filler cards that fit your collecting interests is awesome. I normally get rubbish late 90s Reds or something.