Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wrigley Home Opener

A half hour later it was beautiful and sunny!
What a fun day!  Yes, the Cubs lost 7 to 4 to the mighty Brew Crew, but they made it exciting in the 9th.  Starling Castro was up in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and launched a deep fly ball to right, which the wind knocked down, and Norichika Aoki caught on the warning track.   The kicker of it all?  The wind had been blowing out to right at about 25 to 20 mph the entire game, and then it shifted about 4 batters before Castro came to the plate.  Something tells me that the Big Guy upstairs is affirming what I have known all along: I'll be waiting 'til next year. 

Go figure.

Dale Sveum's response to the wind shift that spoiled a possible game winning walk-off grand slam?
"Well, that's Wrigley for ya."  Oh, Dale, you're the man.

Here's a picture of me waiting in the season ticket holder entrance line on Waveland with the iconic firehouse and a rooftop building in the background.

It was my first Home Opener and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My buddy, Jeff, is a newly anointed season ticket holder and he was just as excited as me.  The view from the seats is great!  We're in the shade and out of the elements, which is great for a guy who isn't a fan of being rained on and who doesn't enjoy applying and reapplying gobs of sun block in the hotter months.

Here's the view from our seats.  We're on the aisle and about 8 rows from the nearest stand that serves adult-type beverages.  

The Opening day ceremonies were great.  First, all of the players for both teams were introduced. Then an elementary school class recited "The Pledge of Allegiance" and Wayne Messmer belted out "God Bless America" and our national anthem.  Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins doubled up on the first pitches and Ernie Banks sang the "7th Inning Stretch".   There's nothing like 40,000+ people all screaming the words to a classic baseball song!

I had my second Wrigley Field nacho helmet experience.  I told Jeff about it earlier and he was more than willing to split one with me.  The picture may not show it, but the helmet is actually large enough to wear on an adult's head. The nachos are also two-tiered!  That's right, chips on the bottom, then toppings, then another layer of chips topped off by more nacho goodness!  Heck yeah!

Jeff and I also tested out the "Barbecue Shake".  Nope, not nearly as entertaining.  It was a smallish order of tater tots with a couple shakes of BBQ seasoning sprinkled on.  Yeah, that's $6.50 I wish I had back.  Oh well.

Wrigley was rockin' and I was happy I could experience it first hand.  I'm scheduled to go four more times this season, which is a pleasant change since I hadn't been to Wrigley since 2009 before yesterday.

It should be a fun summer!