Monday, April 8, 2013

PWE #3 of 6

Confession time...  I wrote this post earlier because I knew I wouldn't have time to post today.  Why?  Well, I'm playing hooky from work today so that I could take in my first Wrigley Field Home Opener!

I'm hoping to stay warm and dry while witnessing the Cubs kick some Brewers butt!  I'll report back tomorrow and let you know how things went, but until then I'll try to keep everyone entertained with the third installment of PWEs from Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk.

How about an '81 Future Stars card of three guys I never heard of before?
 Now before you start crackin' on me for not "knowing" these guys, please let me explain.  Yes, I know how to use the internet and I can look up players on, but I was only three when these guys were supposed to be the Cubs' future.  (checks the internet for pertinent information)  For the record, Lezcano played in 49 games, Macko in 25, and Martz was a swingman in '81 and '82.  None of them played in a big league game after 1983. Feel better?

Moving on.

An '87 Donruss Eckersley and an '87 Fleer Jerry Mumphrey.   Men with mustaches.  Nice.

 How about a pair of rookie cards?  Fukudome is one of my favorites and Gary Scott was supposed to be the third baseman who was going to stop door from revolving at the hot corner.  Alas, Fukudome is back in Japan now, and Scott was certainly no Ron Santo.

I love and I hate this next card: '81 Donruss Dick Tidrow.
 Reasons why I love thee:
1. Ivy in the backgound
2. Killer stirrups
3. Righteously high leg kick
4. Legendary Fu Manchu 'stache!

Reasons why I hate thee:
1. That is one miscut card!

Normally, I don't worry much about the condition of older cards, but this one is all on Donruss.  I actually held another card up to the Tidrow card to make sure that it was truly a rectangle.  I think the card is giving off some serious trapezoid vibes, or maybe it's just playing Jedi-mind tricks on me.

Either way, I need to stop looking at, because the math teacher in me just can't handle it any longer.

We're halfway home on the PWEs.  We'll pick up #4 on Thursday, as I hope to have a recap of my trip to Wrigley tomorrow.

Thank again, Wes!


  1. Miscuts are awesome. Tidrow knew how to rock the 'stache.

  2. Just in defense of Steve Macko,the reason he didnt play after 1983,was nothing to do with his talent,its because he died in 1981.

  3. Check out Wrigley Wax's post on Macko from a couple of years back.

  4. Wow, I didn't know Macko died of cancer in '81. Yikes!
    Thanks Once a Cub for the Wrigley Wax link. That was a good write up.
    My apologies if I sounded snarky about Macko's 25 games played.