Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sportlots Fun - Part I

The beginnings of a second cold bug in the same month kept me inside this past Sunday.  I realize I work in a public school and germs fly all around, but I'm usually pretty careful.  Last year winter I made it through without a sniffle.  The math teacher in me says, "Law of Averages.  Don't sweat it."  Yet, my sinuses are waving the white flag as I type.

Anyway, while under the weather, what better to cheer oneself up than submerge yourself into your favorite hobby?

So I headed on over to and searched by seller until I found one that could fill multiple set needs in my collection.  It took a while, but I narrowed it down to two, and then it was a matter of who had the better shipping rates and inventory.  I really hate wrestling with crowds while shopping, but I really love scouring a collector's baseball card inventory by internet.  You can have your Black Friday; I will take Cyber Monday.

Today, my cards arrived and it's time to show my loot!  This first post will just feature the completion of a set that I didn't really intend to finish. But hey, I like opening packs and at $1 a pop it was was a cheap way to get my fix.  Needless to say, I ended up polishing off the set!

I'm not pleased that I posting this card on my blog.  I never thought that I would feature a Cardinal, but they are hard to come by in my neck of the woods, and this one has eluded me for more than a few months.

2012 Topps Opening Day - David Freese.  I usually link to so that you can bask in the glory of the player's stats and accolades.  Go look him up yourself.  He's a Cardinal for crying out loud. Feel luck you're getting a snapshot of the card!

Base set complete. Nice.

No worries cardboard fans, for there will be more posts.  And Cub fans, I have a few cards to show you as well.  I'm going the spread my haul out over a course of a few posts to give the blogosphere a little bit more reading material during these cold and chilly months known as the baseball off season.
'Til then, I'll be kicking myself for not writing another post sooner to remove this from the top of the blog. 

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  1. Grandpa Smith would have a laugh about this posting ---- and a few things to say about the Cardinals, no doubt. Hope you feel better sooon. M