Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Card Show Finds in the 4 for $1 Box

Here's the rest of of my haul from last weekend's card show, save one card, which will receive it's own post in the next coming days.

I saw some 1978 Topps in a "4 for $1" box, so I started flipping through.  Nothing in there that I needed for my set, but I found some others that I liked.  Here's the highlights:

1981 Topps Steve Stone.  I respect Steve Stone as a baseball analyst, regret that I was too young to ever see him pitch, and thank him for the way he carried Chicago Cubs broadcasts when he was partnered with Harry Caray.  It's a nicely done card that celebrates his lone All-Star appearance during his Cy Young campaign.

Deion Sanders - 1993 Flair.  I love Bo Jackson, Brian Jordan, and Neon Deion for their two-sport stylings.  For a quarter?  Why not!  Plus, Deion had a tiff with Tim McCarver, which only raises my opinion of him.  

I made a trade this summer with a blogger that has a collection of Dave Kingman.  Some possible dinged trade fodder for next summer:

I wish there were more cards produced that captured the stories and characters of the game.  Baseball is about history, tradition, lore, and characters.  This '84 Fleer card of George Brett and Gaylord Perry is the perfect example of what's missing with today's productions. 

Coincidentally enough, the last card I picked up from the show fits within the "stories and characters" of the game theme.  

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  1. Nice finds!

    Love the "Pine Tar" card, definitely one of my favorites as well.