Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Listia Ernie Banks - I'm hearing voices.

When I have a free moment or two, I like to spend my time looking on Ebay or Listia for cards.  As I browse through Ebay the little voice in my head says, "Do you really need that card?  Don't you have enough cards already?"  I hate that voice, but more often than not I listen to it.

That voice that seems to be depressingly omnipresent while cruising Ebay is replaced by a more light-hearted version with a completely different message: "Remember all of those cards that you parted with to earn credits on Listia?  Now is the time to spend, spend, SPEND!"

After all, they are only credits!

Here's my latest free Listia pick up and it comes to you completely guilt free from me!
For 200 credits I give you, Mr. Cub:

From what I can tell on the back, the card was produced in 1998 by Fleer for Sports Illustrated.  I really like the shot on the front, because I feel it fits the horizontal layout just perfectly.

Have a great week, folks!

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