Friday, August 17, 2012

Trade with Nachos Grande

Chris, from Nachos Grande, and I hammered out a quick trade within the last week.  I sent him some 2012 Topps Archives and 1991 Donruss to help him toward the completion of some his sets.

I received a couple of Archives to cross off my set checklist, a couple of Cardinals to flip at my local card shop, and the following Cubs cards pictured below.

The Grace and Maddux were the toss-ins within the trade.  Very generous and a nice surprise!

I have somewhat of a Starlin Castro collection growing.  By default, he's the only current Cub that gets much love by Topps.  All the other big name players have been traded away and the younger guys either haven't really made a name for themselves yet or aren't top shelf talent.  So the Castro cards keep finding their way to my man room.

 I already had the 2011 Topps Lineage base card of Starlin Castro (picture on the left), but now I own the Venezuelan version as well.  The fronts are the same, but the back is in Spanish!

 Here's the same Castro card but all shiny!  Oooh, shiny!  Usually, these don't photograph too well, but I really like the "rainbow" that I captured at the top of the card.

This was one of the smaller trades that I've made, but Nachos Grandes and I were able to help each other out.  And, as the set builder knows, every little bit helps!  Thanks, Chris!

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