Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BirdZerk! Bobblehead

Back on Saturday, August 4th, some friends and I took in another Peoria Chiefs game.  Saturday night games are always big seat-filler at Chiefs Stadium because of the promise of fireworks!  Well, this time around we also had between inning entertainment in the form of BirdZerk!  BirdZerk! is one of the traveling mascot-esque attractions along the lines of the Famous Chicken, who I saw back in June.

BirdZerk! does a good job frequenting the field and keeping the crowd involved.  What I like about his skit is that he actually gets a few of the players to become involved.  It must be about seven years now, but Alberto Garcia once did a dance number with BirdZerk! that has us talking for days.  Alberto was our favorite player that year because he was so friendly and accessible. 

On my way out of the stadium my sister convinced me to buy a Birdzerk! bobblehead for my collection.  I was a little hesitant at first, but the price was right and my sister can be pretty convincing.  So, I stood in line, laid down $9, got a fist bump from Birdzerk!, and even was able to get the bobblhead autographed.  Nice touch, BirdZerk!

Here he is amongst the other members of my bobblehead mascot family.  Although one mascot is missing, as I don't won't to unveil one of my Top 5 bobbleheads.


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