Sunday, August 12, 2012

A wet and wild weekend - Rockford 2012

Laura and I traveled to Rockford this weekend to stay at Chez Sammon.  Jeff and Nichole were our wonderful hosts and provided great sleeping arrangements and menu that could have fed a small army.  We dined on brats, burgers, grilled chicken, meatballs, Texas Cake, buffalo chicken dip, cookies, and kuchen. 

The Iadipaolo and Coker families made the trip as well, which brought the tallies up to eight "adults" and four children the age of seven.  The house was in no shortage of entertainment!

It's always a great time when we are able to spend time together and this weekend was no exception.  Numerous inside jokes were created and will become running jokes for future get-togethers.

Here's the #1 reason why I put the word adults in quotes: Jeff in full water slide battle gear!

 Yeah, here's the #2 reason, from top to bottom: myself, Vince, Jeremy, and Jeff.

 It's only a matter of a few years before little Santiago joins the guys down the slide!  Look at him, he's already playing with a water cannon and plotting to spray somebody. 

Frank, what a good sport!

 We hit the eighteen foot tall inflatable water side pretty hard on Saturday.  The four ladies went down all at once, as well! 

 No one was injured this weekend, although many of us are realizing that we're not as young as we once were.  Good times!

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