Friday, August 3, 2018

Breaking Down a Sweet Trade

Gavin, the uber-creative mind behind the Baseball Card Breakdown blog, dropped me a note the other day asking if I'd be down for a trade. 

Um, of course!

Gavin is one of those dudes who have their wants lists and player collections all laid out for everyone to see, which makes it super easy to find items he might like.

My end? Yeah, he found some things that most definitely made me smile.
 No, your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you. Those two cards are stuck together as one. I guess it's some sort of mini uncut sheet from 2000 Bowman Chrome?
 Whatever it is, it's shiny and unique and is spectacular add to my Kerry Wood Collection.
Above is a bat relic from Upper Deck Etchings. I really like this card. The border is done up like gold with a pattern "etched" in it. The bat relic, paired with a batting Kerry Wood, also has the Cubs logo etched in it. Very nice concept.

Set help!
Yes, I'm building the 1990 Donruss set and a few others. See if you can help me out!

One of the sets I'm most proud to own is the 1984 Fun Foods pin set. It's quirky, fun, and from a time before I started collecting.
The Leon Durham goes straight to the Cubs box!
This card made me do a serious double take, because I thought I knew all the Olsons who played in the Big Leagues.
  I saw "Tim" and immediately thought, "Did Gavin make a card of me and get my first name wrong?"  After closer inspection this is actually a card of Tim Olson, not of Tom Olson. Hey, Tim and I have very similar body types and with Gavin's skills you just never know!

More set help. This is the last base card I needed for the 2018 Topps Big League set. 
I only need a few Players Weekend parallels and a handful of Caricatures to finish the master set.

 The Masters of the Game card is gorgeous!  Wait, what? They're all serial numbered?
 Yep! The 2005 Diamond Kings card is out of /25. Whoa! I'm now up to 884 unique Ryne Sandberg cards. Nine hundred is within sight!

Thanks for the great cards, Gavin!  Your package shipped out this morning and should reach you early next week. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I'm sure I can help put a dent in your 1990 Donruss want list. I'll try and see what I can find this weekend!

  2. Glad you like, Tim! (lol)
    The top one is apparently an "uncut proof". I did a combined eBay order from a guy who had a bunch of "backdoored" stuff like that, grabbed that one for ya.
    Looking forward to your package!

  3. I'm glad Upper Deck coordinated that Wood game-used bat card with a shot of him hitting.

  4. Wow Ryno put on some weight for his DK card. Sweet card regardless.