Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Lost Collector Found Me

The blogosphere is pretty large.  I think there's even a small fraction of it that actually pertains to something other than baseball or cards.  Huh.  There's something to ponder.

Anyways, as large as the baseball blogging community is I'm still bumping into new bloggers all the time.  AJ, author of The Lost Collector, is a Yankees fan and enjoys sending out TTM (through the mail) autograph requests.  I provided him with a healthy stack of Yankees prospects to fuel his requests and in return he wowwed me with Cubs... and dare I say?  Yankees!

Yeah, I'm not a Yankee fan by any stretch of the imagination, but these two cards made me smile!

Yep, still working on that personal collection checklist of Kerry Wood, but I know for a fact that these are new to me.  Sweet!

Let's see what else was in the trade package.

Hey, more help for my 2013 Bowman project.  Thanks, AJ!
 Mmmm... cereal Sandbergs!  Post didn't have a MLB license back in the day, but I think these turned out alright.  The caps are a little... um... blank.  But, whatever.
 A cloth Castro and a chrome Soriano.  Soriano's heating up just before the trade deadline and hopefully Castro will get his bat going sooner rather than later.
 Yeah!  More Castro to throw in the binder!  I love the emerald parallels, but not as much as the blue parallels from the Opening Day set.
 Some vintage-eque Cubs.  Reuschel was a workhorse during his time in Chicago and I have to believe this is Eckersley's first Cubs card as it is from the '84 Traded set.
A reprint of Fergie's 1967 Topps card and a '73 Milt Pappas, which are both new to my collection.
 I think I'm saving the best for last here.  Buckner and Durham from the '83 Donruss set.  Up until this point the only Cubs card in my collection from this set was the Sandberg rookie, but now I have a couple more of these beauties.
Just look at that facial hair on Buckner.  I'm not just talking about the mustache either.  Eyebrows!  Wow!

AJ, thanks for a great trade and good luck on those TTM requests!

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  1. Glad we were able to make a swap. Thanks for the USA Tino's as well!