Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rippin' Some '13 Bowman Packs!

I love opening packs.  It's almost as though each one is a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Did I get any Cubs?  How about a cool insert?  Maybe a numbered parallel, relic, or autograph?

It juts so happens that almost every ten card pack of 2013 Bowman has one of the above.  On the rare occasion the pack would contain a gold card of a player I didn't care for, prospects I never heard of, and one of those silly Prostpect Challenge cards.

Does that website even work?  I tried to register but I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail (yes, I checked my spam folder).  It must be bogged down. C'est la vie.

So, I had fun busting a 24 lottery tickets pack hobby box of Bowman recently. 

Time to show the goods!

Let's start with the stuff that I wouldn't mind trading to possibly acquire other cards to help in my FrankenSet goal.

If there is any interest in the mini chrome prospect cards, please let me know!  I also have an ever growing collecting of these blue-ish Bowman reprints. 

I was lucky enough to find a Orange Chrome card (#'d to 25) in one of my packs.  Zach Bird isn't a top prospect, but he might make some Dodger fan out there happy if they were willing to add a few cards to my FrankenSet.

These Top 100 cards are shiny and have a nice write-up on the reverse side.  I wouldn't mind snagging the Cubs, but I don't have any desire to complete this insert set.

How about an autograph of a middle infielder for the Rangers!  Nope, not Profar.  It's Luis Sardinas!  Yeah, I haven't heard of him either.  I will say that he has one loopy signature!

On to the cards that will go in my FrankenSet! 

How about some blue parallel cards?  They're serial numbered to 500 and will look nicely next to the purple, orange, or gold parallels.

Speaking of gold...  Here's a golden Rizzo and a rookie card of the newest member of the Cubs to be scheduled for Tommy John surgery: Kyuji Fujikawa. Man, I was hoping Fujikawa would step in as closer once Theo & Jed found a taker for Marmol.  Bummer.

I've found a couple of these "International" parallels in my packs.  The Kershaw is pretty sweet will definitely find its way into the FrankenSet binder.  The prospect set has a chrome version and they're pretty slick, too.  The card on the left is of he Twins #1 pick from last year's draft, Byron Buxton.  Buxton is currently terrorizing Midwest League pitching.

My favorite are the Silver Ice cards.  Shiny!  Sparkly!  I hear there are also blue ice and red ice.  I bet a blue ice card with a Cubs player would look really sharp.

Tune in tomorrow and I'll have a want list posted along with my extras that are up for trade!  I'm hoping the blogosphere can help me out with my FrankenSet project!


  1. There's a Blue Wave refractor (prospects) and some sort of redemption, but I think you're thinking of purple ice - they look like grape children's cough syrup.

  2. I'll take the Shelby Miller mini that you have there. Email me at if your interested. I busted some Bowman today and have some Cubs.