Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Topps Archives 2012 Box #2

I was able to pick up a retail box for much cheaper than the hobby box I first ripped open.  There were no guarantees of autographs in this one, and I was okay with that after my haul on the first box.  I did pull a Jimmy Rollins jersey card in the mold of 1956 Topps.  Pretty nice looking card overall.

I'm attempting to complete two base sets (1-200), one short print set (201-240), and the Archives reprints set.  All of my remaining inserts and base cards will become trade fodder to help reach my set collecting goals.

Matt, over at Once A Cub, taught me how to how to use the "tabs" underneath the blog's header.  Thanks for the help, Matt!  Within the tabs you'll find many of my set collecting needs, as well as my Archives trade bait.  I'm hoping  to find good homes for many of the cards before I resort to eBay.  Please take a look and shoot me an e-mail!

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