Monday, June 4, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #18

Bobblehead #18
Name: J.J. Jammer
Position: Mascot
Team: Jamestown Jammers
Description: 7 inches; hands on hips ready to entertain the night’s fans.  The detail of J.J.’s facial hair is fine and quite impressive for cast resin.
Relevance:  My grandfather spent the better part of a decade living in Jamestown, NY, and now resides with my parents.  I only visited Jamestown once, and I never made it to a game, but this Tasmanian devil mascot always reminds me of Grandpa.
How Acquired: This bobblehead was definitely a gift from someone in the family, but I can’t recall from whom.  If you were the gift giver, speak up so I can rightfully credit your generosity!
Other Notes: J.J. Jammer has been retired.  New York natives didn’t really understand what a “Jammer” was and tiring of explanations about Tasmanian devils, so the team decided to move into a different direction: grapes! The team colors switched from red and black to purple and green and a new logo was born.  Grapes wielding a baseball bat are frightening, no?  To my knowledge, the logo has stuck, but when the New York – Penn League opens later this summer the team will have a new on-field mascot: Bubba Grape, the Baseball Ape.  Reminds me of Hanna-Barbera’s Grape Ape from my youth!



  1. I don't recall who hooked you up with this bobblehead, but I can confirm I gave you the Rockford Peaches bobblehead. I picked her up when Mom and I visited a museum in Rockford that had a nice exhibit on the Rockford Peaches.

  2. Very interesting!! Momma