Sunday, January 8, 2012

I feel like spring is almost here!

I read an article Friday before I ran off to basketball practice about the recent "heat wave" that we have been so kindly subjected to so far in 2012.  The title of the article sums it up rather nicely, "More Than 1,000 Record Highs Set this Week."

I'm not one to waste an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, especially when that possibility could be right before an extended cold snap.  Jim and I had previoulsy planned to play a little catch after my Saturday morning freshmen girls' basketball game in the Dunlap High School gymnasium.  Instead, we took advantage of the beautiful day and ventured over to the local JFL football field.  This is the first time I've played catch, with a baseball, in January in quite sometime.  The last time was probably back in college now that I think about it.

Why would a couple of 30 and 40-something-year-olds go play catch in the middle of January?  Well, besides the aforementioned beautimous* weather, because we need to get Jim's arm in shape.  It's really hard to throw everyday for a week when one hasn't thrown in the previous months/weeks leading up to such use.  Jim will be traveling to Mesa later in January to participate in Randy Hundley's Official Big League Baseball Camps

Say what?

“There’s no greater fun than whipping a new bunch of rooks into shape.”  - Rick Sutcliffe, a former Cubs player and one of the past coaches at the fantasy camp

Hundley and Sutcliffe are both former Chicago Cubs that use the spring training facilities in Arizona to give the average Joes of the world an experience they will not soon forget.  I can't wait to hear the stories of Jim's week long baseball experience, and I'm more than happy to help him build up some arm strength in preparation!

Another good reason to play catch with Jim: he knows his baseball and we can talk ad infinitum about the subject.  Heck, it was a busy week for Cubs fans.  Zambrano was finally traded and we also sent Andrew Cashner to San Diego for Anthony Rizzo.  Rizzo, a first baseman, is one of those guys that is hard not to root for.  He could be the big left-handed bat anchoring the middle of the lineup that the Cubs have been missing for the better part of this century.  Also, he's a cancer survivor and the Cubs' brass have been frequently quoted about the tremendous make-up of his personality. Dare I say it?  He could be one of Jane's "Mai Guys"!

Warm weather, playing catch, talking baseball...  spring IS almost here!  Boy, I hope I didn't just jinx us. 

*beautimous = a word I stole from my loving mom-in-law


  1. A Mai Guy, hmmm... you'll have to let me check him out in your upcoming Vinelines.

  2. Thats awesome for Jim. I checked out the site for the week long camp. The cost is 4 grand, its a once in a lifetime event and Im sure Jim will have some great stories and a dvd to show us his play against the great cubbies