Thursday, January 26, 2012

1978 Topps - Part III

Back in November I went to the card shop in Creve Coeur to pick shop for some Cardinal related memorabilia for my little cousin.  I like to send him baseball cards and what not in the mail during holidays and special occasions: Thanksgiving, Christmas, first day back at school, his birthday, and etc. While I was there I rummaged through the old baseball card binder bin and picked up this beaut for $2!

Laura gave me a gift card to Baseball Card City, which is my preferred local card shop.  I spent the balance on 9-card baseball card pages.

All of my 1978 cards in the binder!  Behold!

So, I'm 71% done completing my 1978 card set, and at this point I only have one completed page out of 81.  Wow.  Talk about an uphill battle!

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