Conlon Collection

I love baseball history, anecdotes and reviewing statistics.  I'm also a set builder at heart and after my sister gifted about 170 cards I decided to stop hemming and hawing over the decision.

I'm going for it!

I'm shooting for all five years of The Conlon Collection produced by Megacards.  In all there are 1,430 cards in the set.  Here is the breakdown by year:
1991 = cards 1-330
1992 = cards 331-660
1993 = cards 661-990
1994 = cards 991-1320
1995 = cards 1321-1430 (green borders)

Here's the checklist on google docs: Conlon Collection

If you have any you're looking to trade please let me know:
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  1. Tom, looks like your close enough to make a NEEDS list. I do have a ton of extra Conlons, email me the short list and I'll check them out when I get back to Ocala.