Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday in St. Louis

Sunday morning started off with breakfast in the Moon Rise Hotel's restaurant, the Eclipse.  Biscuits and Gravy!  Heck yeah! 

Laura and I made our second trip to Forest Park. Once again, this place is absolutely gigantic, and by the end of explorations our feet were certainly barking.

 First the Jewel Box, which had two weddings the day before and now was the photo shoot for a family picture.  Bromeliads were in abundance.
The Jewel Box
Laura & the bromeliads

The zoo was our next stop.  Many of the outdoor animal exhibits were vacant due to the cold seasonal temperatures. We were able to see about 10 different animals, including the following:

Penguins rule!
Our next stop was at the art/history museum.  Lots of art... paintings, sculptures, and other mixed media pieces; another floor revealed armored suits and mummies.   

One of my favorite pieces of art for the museum.
We walked back to the Loop and took in the Oscar "Shorts" at the Tivoli movie theater.  The Oscar "Shorts" featured five different films, all thirty minutes or less, that are up for an Academy Award on February 26th.  Personally, I enjoyed them all, but if I had to vote it would be for Tuba Atlantic.  I believe they are showing the "Shorts" at Landmark if you're interested.  I'm going to look for them in the future.

After the movie we walked down to Pi.  Best dining experience of the weekend.  First, in my opinion, our waiter took really good care of us.  Second, he helped me find a beer that REALLY suits me and my tastes: Schlafy's Pi Common.  No one on BeerAdvocate's website seems to agree with me, but I'm okay with that.  Third, Pi has some really nice appetizers, and Laura and myself enjoyed the winter caprese and the roasted vegetable bruschetta.  Fourth, Pi's specialty is pizza!  Yes!  They have thin crust and a deep dish that resembles Chicago style pizza.  We enjoyed the Cherokee Street pizza in deep dish form... baby spinach, chihuahua cheese, roasted red peppers, red onion, chorizo sausage, goat cheese and dusted with crushed red pepper and chili powder.  Yum!
Oh, here's where it gets really good.  Our waiter apologized a couple of times for keeping us waiting, which in all actuality wasn't really that long at all.  I mentioned to him somewhere in the middle of the dining experience that I would like to purchase a couple of their pint glasses, but it slipped his mind when he rung up our bill.  Next thing I know we're walking out of there with three free pint glasses.  Nice atmosphere, very personable waiter, delicious food, discovered a new beer, and free glasses!

A short walk back to the hotel, more MLB Network, and room service for dessert.  What a great day!

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